Our Services

Full business marketing services that can take your vision and bring into a realality. We think outside of the box in which will prove to put you a step ahead of your competition.

Brand Identity

Your business all starts with your imagery and your messaging that will ultimately determine your customers impression of your company.

Creative Idea

This is the starting point of any masterpiece. This idea recides within you, we just help you bring it to reality.


Now you have a product or service and you have no idea how to get your customers attention. We relieve you of that by fully composing a plan, executing it and providing the data to evaluate the effectiveness.

Professional Graphics

Our design team is experienced in print and digital with various mediums and styles. No matter what the idea, we will get you results!


Yep, we do that too! Front end to back end design and infrastructure, tell us what you need to accomplish and we will take it from there.

Clean & Effective Design

Clean and concise messaging and imagery is what prompts your customers to take the next step. Without the proper design, you will never know what could have been.

About Spiller Inc.

Founded in 1994, two recently graduated Marketing and Design students set out to create something different; to be the square peg in the round holes of the Marketing and Design world. Be different, and different they were. Removed from the corporate pressure of the BIG agencies, Spiller Inc was created to thrive in an environment where communication was key, and stress was the outsider looking in. Spiller Inc's mission is to offer the relaxed business experience that BIG agencies wish they could deliver, with pinpoint accuracy to fit your budget.

User Experience


Web Design


Graphic Design




Our Portfolio

Effective, targeted design clearly gives a concise directive and tone that will stimulate action. No matter what the medium, it is utilized for the sole purpose to drive business with proven results. Based on your vision and aspiration, Spiller will work with you to bring your vision to life and handle all the marketing & design functions. In a short, concise brief to provide direction, the Spiller Team puts their experience to work for you. Below are but a few examples of our work:

Swift SMS Gateway

Marketing, Design & Web


Marketing, Design & Web

Foodservice Designs

Menu Brochures, Promo Boards, Digital Signage

Vehicle Wraps



Marketing, Design & Web

Coach Canada

Marketing & Design

Bus Wraps




The Spiller Crew

Here are the creative and innovative minds that makes Spiller so unique. Contact any of us we will be happy help.

Frank Baldwin

Owner, Designer & Team Leader

Fully versed is all aspects of Marketing and Design. Let me know what creative ideas you have and we will let you know how to bring it to reality.

Jason Bulman

Marketing Director & Designer

Focusing on Print, Digital and Social campaign execution, Jason can take your message to the masses in style, on time and on budget.

Calvin Landriault

Graphic Designer

Clean with concise graphics and messaging will ensure the maximum benefit. Calvin is eager to help you build your next campaign.

Contact Us

We're available to help with bringing your Marketing and Design ideas to life. If you can dream it, we can do it!

Give us a call or send us a email and we will respond shortly.